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Bloodhound joins Jefferson County K-9 Unit | News

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Bloodhound joins Jefferson County K-9 Unit

Fighting crime and protecting a county is a big job, and now one new face is proving to be a big help in Jefferson County.

He's 3 years old and a whopping 80 pounds, and his name is Moose.

"I've named a lot of dogs, It just seemed fitting," said owner Kayla Daniels.

Moose is the newest addition to the Jefferson County sheriffs department, and you'll find him by Deputy Kayla Daniels side.

"I just had an interest in the tracking dogs," said Daniels, "So I thought I would rescue him and see if he would be any good."

Daniels adopted and trained him to join the K-9 unit. His breed made him an exceptional candidate.

"Bloodhounds were just made for this," said Daniels, "They can discriminate between smells, they are on it, ready to work for hours until they are wore down, they are really the best at tracking."

Moose had a natural knack for tracking and was a fast learner. From tracking missing people, to hunting criminals, his skills are impressive.

"They have 230 scent receptors in their nose, which is 40 times the scent receptors that humans have in their nose," said Daniels.

Moose's unique look also plays a big role.

"Bloodhounds, the wrinkles on their faces and ears actually help bring the scent to him and keep it down there," said Daniels, "It captures the scent right there with their face and kind of pushes it right there at their nose so they get everything that they can."

The crew at WBIR decided to put that notorious nose to the test. Leaving behind the WBIR microphone, Reporter Leslie Ackerson hid about a half a mile away. Moose picked up the scent on the mike, and he was off. A job well done by a hard-working dog.

Deputy Kayla Daniels uses a special harness for Moose, it helps him know when he is working. Not everybody gets to bring the family pet on the job, but she is pleased with her new coworker and Moose doesn't complain.

"It's definitely very neat, Moose likes getting to go with me to work," said Daniels, "Getting to go in the car any day is a fun thing for him, he gets excited, he's back there howling and it wears him out, so when we go home he's tired."


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