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Greene Co. inmates make life-changing program | News

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Greene Co. inmates make life-changing program


Greene County inmates started a FIGHT that will help them when they return to their communities.

Three inmates started the program Focused Individuals Getting Help Together, or FIGHT, six months ago and it has grown to be a respected program throughout the jail.

Conlandgous Jordan, Jerry Malone, and Jeremy Johnson started the program to create a safe environment while serving time in jail.

"Keep fighting. That's our concept. Keep fighting and never give up," said Jordan.

The program has grown from just the three of them.

"We got 12 to 15 people. We have two in a couple more pods and I think the females had started doing it as well," said Jordan.

They meet three times a day with bibles, self-help books, and stories to tell.

"It's something we will carry on to the streets with us. I'm going to carry it on to the streets and surround myself with positivity," said Jordan.

Helping stop a trend of people cycling in and out of jail.

"I have been in and out of prison most of my life. This time I will be ready to go out and have a sense of responsibility," said Jordan.

The calmness that the group created in their pod is what has encouraged the sheriff's department to assist the program by providing materials.

"Any program that is going to help an individual stay out of jail, I am all for it. As long as they put effort to it and show some potential of changing someone's life," said Jail Administrator Roger Wittell.

And there is an end goal in mind: giving back to Greene County.

"Our ultimate goal is to eventually have a FIGHT halfway house. Great activities, fun activities for the youth," said Jordan.

The group is trying to close the door for return visitors while making the community a better place.


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