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An Open Message to Senator Lamar Alexander | News

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An Open Message to Senator Lamar Alexander
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An Open Message to Senator Lamar Alexander

Senator, your nation needs you.

The message sent by Tuesday night’s election is not completely clear but one thing is obvious.  The voters did not reward gridlock. The American people want their leaders to get something done. Soon.

You are in an excellent position to help make things happen. As a sensible lawmaker in a safe seat you can lead your side to a bargain. This doesn’t mean abandoning your principles to roll over for every Democratic proposal. It does mean proposing and being open to real compromise.  Even if there’s a bill that you can’t vote for in good conscience, you could vote against a filibuster. Americans want their leaders to get something done.

You are a Maryville Rebel. I’m an Alcoa Tornado. The skills honed in the rivalry between these teams could serve Congress well over the next few months.  Much like in the recent election, Rebels and Tornadoes often paint nasty things about one another on a bridge and shout unkind things in the stands on Friday night.  Then, no matter how the game comes out, on Saturday morning those wearing Red and Black wave to those wearing Maroon on the Greenbelt and shake hands over the Shoney’s breakfast bar.

Senator, it is Saturday morning in America. Your team lost a hard fought game by just a field goal.  It’s time to wear your red but shake hands with those in blue.  It’s true, being a leader in compromise could open you to a challenger in the Republican Primary.  So, here’s my challenge to all Tennesseans, Democrats, Republicans and Indepentents. If Senator Alexander (or Senator Corker, Representative Duncan or any Republican in Congress) leads in forging compromise we should all support him in the Primary. 

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