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Greene Co. schools head to class one week late | News

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Greene Co. schools head to class one week late
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Greene Co. schools head to class one week late

Greene County students went back to school Wednesday.

They were delayed a week due to a $1.2 million budget gap.

But Monday, Greene County Commissioners approved a 20 cent property tax increase.

Though not everyone loves the idea of a tax hike, the increase helped save a small country elementary school in Greeneville.

The last week was a roller coaster for librarian Sara Brown.

"The delay has been an emotional strain on all of us," explained Brown.

Her beloved school of 11 years was on the chopping block.

She prepared to change schools. Then, Monday night, the Greene County Commissioners voted for a property tax hike giving the School District the needed dollars to keep Glenwood Elementary open and other schools functioning.

"Honestly I was so excited I couldn't see straight," said Brown, "I cried but I think it was more, "yes" we get to stay at Glenwood."

Director of Schools, Dr. Vicki Kirk, didn't want to close down the Chiefs, but it was an option she had to consider. She's glad that slate is wiped clean, "It was one of the most difficult things I have ever done and you worry about your decisions every day and you try to make the best ones you can."

8th Grade Student Isaac Renner had prepared himself to go to a much larger school, "Just got ready and figured out school wasn't going to happen again and I was like,"Oh, darn it," not Mosheim and they said Glenwood and I was like "yes."

Not all property owners like the idea of paying more property taxes, others feel it's their duty. Property owner Merrill Woolard said, "Education should be the number one priority and the people should have to foot the bill."

Sara Brown is thankful the nearly 200 kindergarteners through 8th graders will remain little Chiefs at Glenwood for this year.

Dr. Vicki Kirk says she hopes this tax increase will help the district for several years.

News, Politics, Schools

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