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Cocke Co. town finds 27 basketballs clogging drain | News

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Cocke Co. town finds 27 basketballs clogging drain
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Cocke Co. town finds 27 basketballs clogging drain

The Cocke County town of Parrottsville discovered the source of its drainage problem last week: 27 basketballs.

The Parrottsville Inn, which is located in the middle of town, would occasionally experience floods because of a nearby drain backup.

"It was completely wiping out our mulch when it would flood," said Parrottsville Inn Owner Raymond Robinson.

He said the drainage problem had cost his bed and breakfast $1,200. So, the town of Parrottsville decided to fix the problem.

Soon thereafter, that was when the discovery was made.

"We just couldn't believe it," said Parrottsville Mayor Mary Keller.

Over a three day period, the town found 27 basketballs, 7 to 10 footballs and numerous baseballs and helmets. Keller said the items, some of which may have come from the 1940s, likely got into the drain because it did not have a grate to keep material from getting out.

"We thought it [the backup] was from all the dirt," Keller said.

The town's drainage fix created an interesting opportunity for Parrottsville, according to the mayor.

After the town discovered the balls, they were distributed to children across the community. Keller said some of the recipients didn't even have basketballs or footballs to begin with.

Parrottsville's children have a place to play with their newly found items too. Last November, the town opened a new basketball court.

Robinson told 10News he is happy to see that everything worked out.

"The kids, we love the kids around here," Robinson said.

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