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HomeGrown: The Band Perry | Arts & Culture

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HomeGrown: The Band Perry

From the Grand Ole Opry to a benefit concert in East Tennessee, The Band Perry is one of the hottest country music acts in the world
with the industry's top honors from Grammy nomination to ACM, CMA, even
Teen Choice awards.  

"We're The Band Perry and we're from right here in Greeneville," said Kimberly Perry to the crowd at a United Way fundraiser. "We love, love, love small towns."

"I feel like we have to make conscious efforts to soak in the moments because we're so busy, we're going so fast," said Reid Perry.

Kimberly, Neil and Reid Perry come home to slow down. 

"We can be out in the hustle and bustle of the music business and always come back home to peace of mind. It's so great just to get back and reconnect with everybody and really for us, find our creative center," said Kimberly.

In 2010, The Band Perry penned their breakout hit, now Quadruple Platinum song "If I Die Young" in Greeneville.

"We wrote 'If I Die Young' sitting on our front porch on the outskirts of town, and we feel like there are a lot of songs that come from Greeneville."

The tight knit siblings are songwriters and musicians. They've been together as a band for 14 years, but they were practically born with a microphone and instruments in hand.

"Our parents really gave us an appreciation for music, all types. I remember my dad loved rock-n-roll and mom was into country and Motown. They both loved bluegrass as well," said Reid.

They first blended their voices on vacation.

"We took a family road trip out west. That was the first time we sang family harmony."

And, that three part harmony resonated, so they took their family act on the road.

"Grew up singing in church and festivals and birthday parties... anywhere there was a set of ears that would sit still or not even sit still," says Kimberly.

With help from a Greeneville teacher, Neil fine tuned their sound.

"She would come to the house and teach me mandolin. I really think bringing in that extra influence of Appalachian music really added to the sound of the band," said Neil.

Entertaining comes easily to the trio, but there's no sibling rivalry here.

"Just like all brothers and sisters, we always get along.  We only have halos- no horns."

The Band Perry.

"Greeneville is home sweet home. We love the mountains, we love the people."

HomeGrown in Tennessee.

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