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Hamblen Co. man accused of stabbing, killing stepfather

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Future uncertain for families, community around Greene Valley

(WBIR - Greene County) A judge's decision this week to close down Greene Valley Development Center (GVDC) in Greene County has a wide-reaching impact for nearly 100 people who live there and their families.

Some Greene Valley residents have had the same caregivers for decades, and their families say they now have to worry about the quality of care moving forward.

Cocke Co woman accused of trying to put a hit on husband

(WBIR - Cocke County) A Cocke County woman is in jail, accused of trying to hire a hitman to kill her husband.

Aleshia Hope Stuart and Michael Dale Keller appeared in federal court Friday morning.

Court documents show that Stuart and Keller planned to kill Stuart's husband. On January 26, Keller spoke with who he thought was a middle-man to find a contracted killer, and agreed on a meeting place. The middle-man ended up working for the FBI.

Suspect arrested in string of church parking lot burglaries

Hamblen County deputies arrested a man accused of a sting of auto burglaries in church parking lots.

Detectives arrested Jason E. Harris, 36, of Morristown Friday morning, after a victim's stolen credit card was linked back to Harris. When investigators arrested Harris at his home on Bethesda Road, they noticed a burn pile nearby with items that belonged to several other victims.

Officials said Harris confessed to the crimes, and authorities believe that he stole to fuel his drug habit.

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Greene Valley Development Center to close

(WBIR - Greene County) A judge ruled Thursday to close the Greene Valley Developmental Center (GVCD), a state-run facility that is home to people with developmental disabilities.

The judge made that decision after hearing both sides state their case in Nashville last week.

THP investigating Greene Co. chase and fatal crash

(WBIR) The Tennessee Highway Patrol is investigating a police chase that may have led to a fatal accident.

Troopers said a Greene County Sheriff's deputy was chasing Jason Mistele, 22, on Highway 107 in Greeneville Monday night.

Mistele then ran off the side of the road and flipped his car.

The crash killed his passenger, Daniel Gross, 21, who was thrown from the car.

THP is investigating why deputies were pursuing the car.

Teen pleads guilty to being accessory to murder of friend's dad

(WCYB) A teenager charged in connection with a Greene County murder entered a plea Thursday in juvenile court.

Four Greene Co. teen murder suspects captured in SC